FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you sell framed prints?”

No, but if enough customers request framing, we will look into offering it as an option.

“Can I see a print in person before making a large investment?”

We recommend purchasing a lower priced 8.5" x 11" print. If you decide that you’d like to order one of the larger, more expensive prints, we will credit you the cost of a smaller print.

“ What should I do if I think my order is lost?”

Be sure to check arrival information which is on the USPS shipping confirmation. Contact us regarding the missing print. After confirming the loss, we will send you another print.

“What if my print arrives damaged.”

Please take a digital photo of the damaged print and the mailing envelope or tube, and email the digital files to us, with your name and address. Email to:info@camerainthecupboard.com Do not return the damaged print to us. We will send you a replacement print free of charge.

“Can I make copies of the photos.”

All images appearing on this site are the original creation and sole property of Stephen J Weinstein LLC. Reproduction by anyone other than Stephen J Weinstein LLC without authorization is prohibited.