Framing tips

Small FrameWhen you begin framing a small print, it’s wise to consider the benefits of using a mat. The mat can dramatize the importance of a smaller image. 
It can also help protect the print by creating breathing room between the print and the glass, which prevents moisture from forming.

If you need to be frugal when choosing a frame, for your 8.5" × 11" print, ready-made frames available online, are a good alternative. 
 One company I recommend is Frame Destination. At Frame Destination you can choose all of the components to build the frame. If you can’t find a mat size in their list that fits the print you’ve chosen, choose the “custom” setting at the top of the mat measurement list and fill in your measurements. You can also find ready-made frames at your local art supply stores 
and at Ikea.

If you are making the investment of purchasing a 17”x 22” or 30”x 40” print, it is my recommendation that they be taken to a skilled and talented framer. The framer can help you decide on the color and style of the frame and he/she has the expertise and knowledge to build a frame that will preserve your photograph.

Framed Forelle PearsWhen choosing a mat at the framer or from an online website, my preference is 8 ply, or a 4 ply double or triple mat. It costs a bit more, but it adds the look of “museum quality” to the artwork. 
 If you are choosing to frame the 17” x 22” or the 30” x 40” photograph without a mat, ask the framer to add a spacer inside the frame. The spacer will keep the photo paper back, away from the glass or acrylic, preventing condensation on the print. It will also reduce glare.

When framing a large print, it’s recommended to choose acrylic instead of glass. It’s lightweight and will make the framed large photograph much easier to handle and hang. Always ask for UV protected acrylic. UV light can damage your print over time.